TORIVAC is a company that was founded in 1970 by Ramón Zamora, with the purpose of manufacturing voltage variators.
Subsequently, in 1980 it started manufacturing toroid transformers and it has been present since then in the Spanish market, extending its product range and striving to offer top quality in all the products that it manufactures.

The tailored service they offer and the painstaking detail with which they handle each request or query, have allowed them to achieve a high degree of trust from their clients within a highly competitive market. With the objective of improving their services and products, TORIVAC has always been open to any type of suggestions for improvement from our clients and employees in fields as diverse as medical electronics, audio equipment, laboratory testing, galvanisation, technical lighting and general industrial use.

Range of products :

-           Variable autotransformers

-           Toroidal transformers

-           Toroidal buffers

-           Toroidal cores

-           Packed electric coils

-           Potentiometers and Rheostats

-           Metal brackets for led

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