Created in 1947, Sefram develops its business on the field of recorders. It joined in 1978 the test and measurement division of Schlumberger. Since November 2004, the company is a subsidiary of BK Precision . Certified ISO 9001, Sefram's strategy is to bring to the market place innovative and high quality test and measurement products for electronic and electrical applications.

ISO 9001 Accreditation (V2015)

SEFRAM Instruments for Test and Measurement

  • Recorders(thermal-, color pen-, paperless- recorders, XY plotters, transient recorders,...)
  • Field Strength meters( for digital and analog TV, Internet, Telephone,... for terrestrial, cable distribution and SAT applications)
  • Test Instruments(DMMs, oscilloscopes, clamp-on meters, power clamp-on meters, generators, electrical testers, spectrum analyser,...)
  • ELDITEST  Test accessories (oscilloscope probes, differential probes, test leads, cables, coaxial adapters,...)
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