Schaefer, founded in 1969, has grown to a dedicated workforce of 140 people in Germany, Ireland, and the USA.

Thanks to decades of experience in design and manufacturing of power supplies, Schaefer offers a large variety of products, options and enhancement features. In the field of high power requirements, Schaefer has achieved, and continues to command a leading position

Schaefer power supplies are often used for applications which demand a high level of reliability under severe environmental conditions like:

Railroad industry

Automotive industry


Power generation plants

Chemical plants and oil refinery

Factory automation

Military industry

It is as a result of this intensive depth of Engineering that the Product Portfolio has been expanded to include:

- AC/ DC Power Supplies & Battery Chargers

- DC / DC Converters

- DC/ AC Inverters

- AC/ AC Frequency Inverters

- DC/ DC Step Up Converters

- Thyristor Controlled Supplies & Battery Chargers

- Active Harmonic Filter

- Electronic Load

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