Since 1965, SALICRU is Researching & Developing Powerful electronic equipment to guarantee a continuous, clean plus reliable electrical supply; so today SALICRU is the one LEADER upon Spanish market.

But market evolution requires renewed effort in search for distinctive Values, Demonstrating greater efficiency plus offering Maximum Quality (ISO 9001 certified since 1995 as well as ISO 14001 since 2008).

SALICRU is able to adapt to this International standards via constant progress and development through all its areas.

Always ready to meet new needs, Salicru is facing an immediate future wide range of products for all types of applications.

We are making 4 different sections:

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), for those applications requiring a high quality food on a continuing basis.

Voltage Stabilisers: this only required to prevent variations and harmonic of the commercial power grid

DC Systems for global solutions in energy and infrastructure both in the field of as in the telecommunications industry.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable product line entirely dedicated to sustainability both environmental and economic savings.

This section of products includes:

Lighting Flow Dimmer Stabilisers, unique to the lighting sector discharge lamps.

Photovoltaic Inverters, for a performance optimization PV fields.

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