Rocoma started its activity in 1978. During these years Rocoma becomes a leading manufacturer of professional equipment for the electric static energy conversion. Reliability, excellence and high quality standards represent the features of the company "mission" that Rocoma has offered and will continue to offer in the future. Among the aims that inspired the company philosophy, quality is the most important. The UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification represents the best guarantee of the excellent level reached in planning, manufacturing and selling standards. 

Rocoma presents a wide range of products in order to better satisfy the requirements of different field, also the most critical one. The Uninterruptible Power Supplies become the core business of the company that today have 4 special kinds of ups

Office ups: line interactive ups and traditional on line ups, completely dedicated to office applications. domestic and industrial automation, IT systems, networking and so on.

Professional ups: on line double conversion ups with insulation transformers and low voltage electronic completely dedicated to business critical, mission critical, e-business, industrial and automation processes.

Medisafe ups: safety and emergency systems for the electromedical equipment compliant to the in force norms.

Power ups: three-phase on line double conversion ups completely dedicated to industrial field where big power is required.

Closed to the ups production, the company manufactures also:

- emergency light devices

- emergency power supplies

- sine wave inverters

- electronic voltage and frequency regulators

- aircraft start power units

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