Panasonic Batteries is a key part of Panasonic Corporation and plays a vital role in its wide-ranging electronics manufacturing activities. The first production of Panasonic Batteries started in 1931 and marked the beginning of a period of constant effort to develop and manufacture products of increasingly higher quality and reliability.

Being the world's leading battery manufacturer, Panasonic fulfils the diverse needs of the market with the widest range of batteries. From the simple 1.5-volt dry cell to next-generation energy sources, we are pouring our energy into advancing battery technologies.

Panasonic batteries are sold around the world by its world-wide sales network. To assure that the products truly suit the needs of users in each market Panasonic has set up production bases outside Japan.Today Panasonic Batteries has 19 production bases in 13 countries.

Product line :

-       Primary batteries :


Dry batteries

-       Secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries) :

Lithium Ion Batteries,

Nickel metal hybrid batteries,

VRLA Batteries,

VRLA Batteries for EV.

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