Founded in 1938, Mascot was one of the radio manufacturing pioneers in Norway. From day one, their focus has been on meeting customers’ demands, relentlessly finding ways to improve the quality of products and develop innovative solutions for customers.

Today, Mascot is a leading manufacturer of power supplies and battery chargers. Main offices are located in Fredrikstad, Norway, and production can either take place in Fredrikstad or in their own facilities in Tallinn, Estonia. This flexibility is made to better serve customers needs for quality products at competitive prices and lead times.

Product line :

Mascot offers a wide range of power supplies, desktop or wall plug style:



- DC/DC Converters

- DC/AC Inverters

- Battery chargers for Li-Ion, NimH and Lead Acid batteries

In addition to the standard product range, Mascot have broad experience in developing and manufacturing power supplies designed from customers own specifications. These can range from small modifications of existing standard models to entirely new models, encapsulated or open frame.

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