ET designs and manufactures a range of professional test and power instruments.

The roots of ET extend back to the early 1970’s. The company was originally part of a major European group primarily focused on design, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of OEM power supplies.

As the group flourished the need for accurate test equipment increased. A variety of adjustable instruments started to be produced in-house to meet these testing needs.

ET provides design capabilities, technical excellence and manufacturing flexibility. More than 40% of their production involves modifying standard platforms or designing custom units to suit unusual requests. Whether requirement is for a one off laboratory test instrument or a long term supplier of building blocks for your systems you will find that their competitive pricing, wide range and fast response time make ET the ideal partner.

Product line :

-       AC Sources,

-       DC Sources,

-       AC Electronic Loads,

-       DC Electronic Loads,

-       High voltage power,

-       Rectifier & Modular PSUs,

-       Battery chargers,

-       DC/AC inverters,

-       DC/DC converters

-       Measurement & Test

-       Custom solutions

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