Alfatronix was established 25 years ago to manufacture reliable voltage converters for the marine market. The converters supplied communications and navigation equipment, often used in life threatening situations.

Today, Alfatronix Ltd manufacture AC/DC and DC/DC voltage converters for all types of mobile electrical systems fitted on vehicles, vessels and aircraft. The company is based in Poole, Dorset, on the South Coast of Britain and employs 25 people. Annual sales are over £2M and, with customers in over 30 countries, exports now make up the majority of production.

The company excels at producing voltage converters that are compact, cool running, and emit negligible levels of RFI. The products are assembled using surface mount assembly technology to improve reliability and reduce cost.

Range of products :

  • Batteries protection system
  • Embedded DC/DC converter
  • Embedded AC/DC power supplies
  • IP65 module
  • Battery charger
  • Radio system power supplies
  • Custom solutions
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